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Are Raccoons Scared Of Humans. This is a defence mechanism and keeps in mind that coons can attack humans and their pets. Raccoons do not make good pets And I say this cause many people always want to try wild raccoons that people try to domesticate can be extremely destructive and you can never fully domesticate the wild out of them.

Cuddles Animals Raccoon Cuddling
Cuddles Animals Raccoon Cuddling from

Many diseases carried by raccoons are dangerous to humans. If the lights are not powerful enough the raccoon will not be scared away. Raccoons and public health The Humane Society of the United States.

This fear has made them excellent survivalists but paradoxically enough its also their fearlessness that made them adapt effortlessly to new environments and thrive in some of the most dangerous concrete jungles on Earth.

But read the below advice first. Just like us raccoons are Pavlovian. They are very strong and intelligent animals and they know they can defend themselves. Raccoons are generally not dangerous to people but raccoons that are sick injured or even protecting their young can attack.